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How to get your child ace HS& AP Chemistry and so that they are prepared for Pre-Med and STEM majors

Cancel enrolling your child in an expensive summer camp you don’t know will help him in any way. Cancel buying “the best homeschool curriculum” you have no idea your child will like and use (or it will just collect dust and you’ll buy the next curriculum). Save the time you search the internet and groups for ideas you have no clue will get your child enough prepared in chemistry for future Pre-med or STEM majors or you’ll just waste your time with trials and errors for no result.

And instead….

Join this workshop to get all the secrets and the steps to take in order to get your child to ace High School & AP Chemistry the easiest and the fastest way & be prepared for Pre-med and STEM majors.


I’m running the workshop twice so that you can choose which day is best for you

Option 1: Friday, June 25th  4.00-6.00 pm EST

Option 2: Saturday, June 26th  12.00-2.00 pm EST

 Can’t make it to the live workshop?

Lifetime replay access is included in your ticket.


✅ The 5 big secrets secret on why most high schoolers fail or scrap by in High School and AP Chemistry and then find out they’re not at the right level for advanced chemistry courses during pre-med and STEM majors

✅ The 5 steps you need to put in place to set your child for success in High School & AP Chemistry

✅ The simple way to set up the fastest and easiest path for your child towards acing High School and AP Chemistry (so Build Your Personalized Step-by-Step Ace High School & AP Chemistry  Student Success Plan)

✅ How I’ve used the 5 secrets and the 5 steps to get students to ace High School & AP Chemistry and get ready for thriving into Pre-med and STEM majors

✅ The one big secret nobody will tell you about getting your child ready for Pre-med (missing on this and not acting ahead of time on this will cost you money and your child stress and extra time to re-take chemistry courses during Pre-med)


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