College Prep Chemistry Summer Camp

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Get your child ready for fast-paced college-level chemistry classes

Are your children going to take Gen Chem I & II when starting college this Fall?

Were they struggling in their High School and Ap Chemistry classes so not passing with As?

If this is the case, then the chances are they already forgot most of what they’ve learned and they’re going to seriously struggle in these fast-paced advanced college-level chemistry classes.

Do you want your children to review and learn again the chemistry concepts up to the top level required in order to ace these advanced college chemistry classes?

Then, cancel enrolling your child in a college summer class you don’t know will help him in any way.

Cancel buying chemistry books you have no idea your child will use or will just collect dust.

And stop asking your child to spend long hours this summer learning chemistry on their own while they were not getting it years ago in their chemistry class. They’ll just waste their time and holiday for little to no results.

And instead….

Enroll your child in this summer camp to get all the chemistry concepts and best exercising and learning skills he needs to master in order to be prepared for starting on fast-paced college-level chemistry this Fall.


The Online Live Sessions and held over Zoom on Monday-Wednesday-Friday at 12.00 am-1.00 pm EST

 Can’t make it to the live session?

Limited time replay access will be made available so your child can catch up.

The price on this page represents the registration fee $57 to secure your child’s spot (this fee is non-refundable)

The fee for the camp is $125/week but only $100/week if signing up until July 4th, 9 am EST. Bi-weekly and monthly payment options are available to choose from after signing up for this 8 weeks summer camp.

All sales are final so non-refundable.

From: $57.00

Ace Chemistry Success Maximizer

One Time Offer: Just $77 here on this page (normally $147)

Ace Chemistry Success Maximizer

Getting your child to ace High School and AP chemistry isn’t blind luck. It isn’t also something you just want to leave to chance and so lose precious time and money both now and during college.

I know all the inside secrets to get high schoolers to ace chemistry fast as I’ve been preparing teens for acing chemistry for over 20 years.

With the Ace Chemistry Success Maximizer you’ll get the full assessment for your child and the step-by-step roadmap for making the best out of your Ace HS& AP Chemistry Formula workshop.

Then you and your child can get stress-free knowing you’re on the right way with High School & AP chemistry so that your child is set for success in chemistry courses during Pre-med and STEM majors.

Yes! Add Ace Chemistry Success Maximizer!

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